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Cybersecurity Solutions

At BeCyber, we prioritize the protection of your digital assets.
Our solutions encompass people, process, and technology
to provide comprehensive security.
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to keeping your systems and information secure.


Incorporating globally recognized frameworks’ best practices and aligning operations with standards like CSF, ISO27000, NIST, and others will strengthen your cybersecurity posture.


Establishing a cyberculture within the organization can empower the weakest link to become the first line of defense against cyberattacks.


By implementing cutting-edge technologies, organizations can shift from being reactive to proactive in response to emerging threats.

Our Approach

Building true cybersecurity defense capabilities

We apply our high-level experience and expertise in our solutions to prevent your organization from becoming a victim of cybercrime. To achieve this, we have a 5-step action plan:

Step 1
Identifying the business value chain and level of cybersecurity maturity
Step 2
Quantifying risk through threat modeling using P.A.S.T.A methodology
Step 3

Tactical Objectives

Establishing clear strategic and tactical objectives that align with their overall goals and priorities.
Step 4

Implementation of Controls

Maturing the level of security by incorporating cybersecurity controls.

Step 5

Educating the Team

Integrating a cybersecurity culture within the organization.

Our Challenge

Protect your organization with us.


Assessing the current cyber environment and identifying a prioritized map of timely mitigations.

Cyber Risk

Identifying the ‘crown jewels’ with strategic focus and supporting decision-making.


By simulating attacks, we provide visibility into your organization’s primary security vulnerabilities.


Developing internal capabilities that enhance cybersecurity strategy and operations.

Cybersecurity Services

Our Cybersecurity Services

Constantly Scanning your System

We perform ongoing monitoring of your digital environment

Malware Removal

We prevent unauthorized access to your organization by blocking malicious software


We provide security for the cloud services that you use

Data protection

We help you prevent data loss or unauthorized access to your sensitive information

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Because we have experience

+US$ 1 MM
Saved in losses
+ 1
Critical vulnerabilities detected
+ 1
Mitigated risks
+ 1
New threats detected

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